auto lift

Automobile lift is an equipment that is intended to bearing one region of automobile chassis or unit construction ,and leading automobile rise and fall .It entire car overhaul just the same turnaround service, both can not get away it to automobile life at automobile service curing suffer exert vital action ,so ever .As lift familial one key member ,bibcock type automobile lift has any other lift cannot analogical advantage :Such as, it adopt large bibcock structure ,scope of work expand, can repair high scaffold vehicle, operating space open, and so on.


1.World-class processing technology , safety and excellent working performance,

2.High quality alloy seamless steel pipe, with better mechanical properties, gives full play to the strength of big lifting capacity better;
3.High-end gantry type linear electroplating production line improves the anti-corrosion and hardness of the cylinder better;
4.The world famous brands of seals ensure the sealing performance

car lift cylinder

four post auto lift