Continuously Improve the Technical Level

The company is a base of professional design, production and sales of?hydraulic cylinders. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the idea that the?foundation of the?survival?for the manufacturing industry?is constantly doing research and development?of technology and techniques to improve?the performance?of products, and constantly adapting?to market demand?and leading the industry. The company has set up the fund of “small?reformation and innovation”?to encourage designers and technicians to continuously innovate, reduce costs, improve efficiency?and the quality?of products. Each year?the company?has passed?about 30?technological projects of “small reformation and innovation”?reviewed by the audit committee, in?disguised?form for the company to create benefits, a total of about 1?to 2?million RMB every year. It is?due to the corporate culture of continuous exploration and improvement of technology and?techniques, the company?has entered the high-end?application fields successfully.


The company has applied for 39 patents, including 3 patents and 36 utility models.?As an?professional enterprise of independent research and development of hydraulic cylinders, the company has paid?attention to the protection of technical intangible assets?from beginning to end.


It is this continuous technological R &?D capability that can optimize?the processing technology?of products, reduce production costs, and improve product quality and?processing efficiency. The company can continue to work with well-known?manufacturers.