The suspension system is designed to disperse the impact of transporting the road surface and loading, extending the life of the frame and making driving more comfortable. The front suspension presets the caster angle and the front wheel camber angle. The front suspension cylinder is mounted on the frame and functions as a steering kingpin during steering. The maneuverability is good and the maintenance workload is small. The rear suspension can be swung with the axle to absorb the bending and torsional stresses generated on uneven and rough transport surfaces so that the stress is not transmitted to the main frame.

Focus on the production of various types of imported mining non-road dump truck hydraulic cylinders, the products are mainly used in the United States Carter, Japan Komatsu, the United States Terex, White Russia and other internationally renowned brands of dump trucks.

Main products supplied:

Front suspension assembly, rear suspension assembly, lift cylinder assembly, steering cylinder assembly and accessories.

Applicable models:

▲ CATERPILLAR 777, 785 dump truck

▲KOMATSU 170D, 630E, 730E, 830E, 930E dump truck

Item Name Bore dia(mm) Rod dia(mm) Stroke(mm) Lift cap(T)
1 777D Front suspension cylinders 273 229 320 90.9
2 777D Rear suspension cylinders 267 229 165 90.9
3 785C Front suspension cylinders 333 279 325 136
4 785C Rear suspension cylinders 318 279 165 136
5 777D Hoist cylinders 241/191 216/140 1924
6 777D Steering cylinders 89 64 445
7 785C Hoist cylinders 292/235 267/184 2162
8 785C Steering cylinders 102 64 376