double acting telescopic cylinder

double-acting telescopic cylinders are manufactured to individual specifications to meet the rigid requirements of today’s applications, including Refuse Trucks and Solid Waste Packers, Stationary and Mobile Trash Compactors, Transfer and Push-Out Trailers, Roll-Off Units, Construction Equipment and more. For applications that demand excellence, performance and economy, go with the best . . . the professionals from Custom Hoists.

Double action telescopic cylinders used in refuse trucks. Therefore, the weight of the dump body and the cylinder itself may provide enough force to fully retract the cylinder. Furthermore, vertical orientation means that the majority of the cylinder’s weight acts longitudinally.

To further simplify the design, the ejector bodies employ guides integrated into the inside of the body, which provide smooth operation and eliminate rollers that typically break or bind. Additionally, the bodies are constructed of high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel to withstand years of use with little maintenance. Because there are no external rails or guides for the ejector to move on, the bodies are said to provide better loading and increased capacity.

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