For nearly 15 years Wantong has strived to understand what matters most to the construction vehicle industry. We have come to realize that the top priority is to create vehicles that people want to drive which means a vehicle with the best possible strength, performance and durability. In that context, Wantong’s hydraulic components and equipment play an important part.

  • 1.Stages machined from seamless cold-drawntubes, both on the O.D. and in the I.D.
    2. Very small machining tolerancesguarantee extra-small running clearances, giving maximum contribution to stability of the complete vehicle.
    3. Very large overlap between the tube stages resulting in extra-stiff column strength
    4. High quality of the seals and surface finish of the tubes guarantee every cylinder leak-free under normal working conditions.
    5. All stages fully chromed, improving lifetime of seals.
    6.The largest range of models available worldwide, with lifting capacity from 20 to 100 tons and more
    7. Strokes up to 10.500 mm
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