Hydraulic System or Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic power unit is composed of five relatively independent parts, the hydraulic pump unit, the oil tank assembly, the temperature control unit, filter module and the storage module. Hydraulic power unit supplies the oil according to the requirements of the actuating device such as the flow direction, pressure and flow rate, applied on all kinds of mechanical equipment and separation devices. Connecting the hydraulic power unit to the actuating device with hose, hydraulic system can achieve various actions.

According to the control requirements of main engine, the hydraulic power source is controllable in direction, pressure and flow rate. Users only need to connect hydraulic system to executing agency with pipe to make the executing agency work smoothly. We can provide the following products:

According to users’requirement, all kinds of integration valve group could be assembled with

Hydraulic system to control the whole system.

According to users’requirements, all kinds of sensors could be assembled with hydraulic system, such cooler, heater, energy accumulator, pressure gauge, flow meter, thermometer and liquid level meter.

According to users’requirements, PLC electrical control device and control board could be collocated.


In construction industry, dump trucks transport thousands of tons of building materials with high efficiency every day. We have cooperated with many famous brands dump truck manufacturers for more than 10 years. The cooperative brands are mainly CIMC, JAC, Sinotruk, Shacman and Foton. Our hydraulic parts are supplied to these brands of dump trucks with premium quality and competitive price. Now in domestic dump truck hydraulic market, our market share is next to that of Hyva.

HP series hydraulic power unit

Model No.
Volume Power Voltage Pressure Regulating
HP-T3-F2-S-A3 30L 1.5KW 380V 3.5-5.5MPa
HP-T3-F2-S-A4 30L 1.5KW 380V 5-7MPa
HP-T3-F2-S-A3 30L 1.5KW 380V 3.5-5.5MPa
HP-T4-F2-S-A4 63L 1.5KW 380V 5-7MPa
HP-T4-F3-S-A3 63L 2.2KW 380V 3.5-5.5MPa
HP-T5-F3-S-A3 100L 2.2KW 380V 3.5-5.5MPa
HP-T5-F3-S-A4 100L 2.2KW 380V 5-7MPa
HP-T6-F3-S-A4 125L 2.2KW 380V 5-7MPa

YZ series hydraulic power unit

No. Model Volume Pressure Rate Pump Type Motor Power
1 YZ-L63-E-G-1.5 63L 16MPa Overhead vertical 1.5KW
2 YZ-L63-E-G-2.2 63L 16MPa Overhead vertical 2.2KW
3 YZ-L63-E-G-4 63L 16MPa Overhead vertical 4KW
4 YZ-L100-E-G-5.5 100L 16MPa Overhead vertical 5.5KW
5 YZ-L160-E-G-7.5 160L 16MPa Overhead vertical 7.5KW
6 YZ-L250-E-G-11 250L 16MPa Overhead vertical 11KW
7 YZ-W250-H-Z-11 250L 31.5MPa Overhead horizontal 11KW
8 YZ-W160-H-Z-5.5 160L 31.5MPa Overhead horizontal 5.5KW

CNC hydraulic power unit (horizontal)

No. Model Flow Rate Pressure Level Motor Power Volume
1 SYZ-8-70+1.1-40 8mL/r 7MPa 1.1KW 40L
2 SYZ-12-70+1.5-63 12mL/r 7MPa 1.5KW 63L
3 SYZ-15-70+2.2-63 15mL/r 7MPa 2.2KW 63L
4 SYZ-20-70+3-100 20mL/r 7MPa 3KW 100L
5 SYZ-30-70+4-125 30mL/r 7MPa 4KW 125L
6 SYZ-40-70+5.5-200 40mL/r 7MPa 5.5KW 200L



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