Strict Quality Control System

  1. The mechanical properties and chemical elements of the raw material will be inspected to check whether qualified after entering the warehouse.
  2. Chemical composition inspection of raw materials, Test the chemical composition of metallic materials, such as C, Si, Mn, P, S,Cr, Ni and other elements. Mainly for raw materials incoming inspection, by testing whether the material qualified, receiving materials.
  3. Metallographic analysis of metal materials is usually the raw materials, such as copper, iron, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, titanium, etc., for the processing of structural parts and finished product evaluation, through the metallographic analysis, You can find a variety of possible reasons for failure analysis in time, Prediction and analysis the characteristics of metallic materials and materials, Study material surface and internal defects, and to improve and verify the process technology of the material;
  4. Salt spray test is a major use of salt spray test equipment created by the artificial simulation of salt spray environmental conditions to assess the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials, environmental testing
  5. Mechanical performance testing equipment can meet the requirements of mechanical testing, all the use of computer digital display, so theaccuracy is more accurate, so that the mechanical properties of each cylinder barrel?has been greatly improved.
  6. Every workpiece is machined according to the confirmed drawings and will be inspected casually by QC according to a certain proportion. The traceable record shall be clear and traceable.
  7. The qualified parts are assembled into one cylinder and then the pressure test will be done.
  8. Before and after assembly, the basic dimensions and workmanship will be inspected again.
  9. A inspection report will come into being before delivery.